AUSTRALIA'S Education, Training and Employment Service Provider for new MIGRANTS

Transition Support Program

The Transition Support Program (TSP) is offered to New Migrants in Australia with an opportunity to fully integrate into the Australian culture with the implementation of fundamental professional, vocational and social skills training are highly valued.

It is strategically equipped to provide New Migrants a supportive on-going learning environment in which they should acquire effective skills in job application techniques, Australian English conversation, exceptional customer service delivery, workplace ethics and behaviours, self-awareness and the ability to independently gain appreciation of the everyday lifestyle in the Australian culture.

The Transition Support Program modules focus on developing a true-to-life perspective on fundamental areas of participation with Australian society and to gain a greater understanding of the vital skills needed in advancing a career and developing strategies to make changes during their transitional period.

Through hands-on activities and discussions with our highly qualified and experienced trainers, New Migrants in Australia can gain skills and knowledge of the essential concepts of meeting the expectations of Australian workplace communities and practices.

TSP Australia is confident to offer training methods and techniques that would result in a broader understanding of what the unique Australian culture and lifestyle has to offer, and how this will support their professional and personal development.