AUSTRALIA'S Education, Training and Employment Service Provider for new MIGRANTS

What We Aim to Achieve

At TSP Australia we are committed to:

  • Developing and supporting skilled migrants to reach the expectations of Australian communities
  • Ensuring that all migrants are trained with meeting the demands within a complex working environment
  • Providing individuals with the assistance needed to fully integrate into the Australian culture
  • Creating tasks-based development to improve best practice procedures
  • Providing a platform for individuals to discuss and share common issues related to their specific sectors
  • Encouraging and assisting with suitable communication techniques
  • Encourage individuals to be active players in their own development
  • Embedding a process of continuous learning and development, through a process of engagement, assessment, evaluation, and review
  • Encouraging innovation, such as a cultural shift in thinking from “training” to “learning” in line with our value of development through learning
  • Fostering an environment which encourages individuals to stay current and to be innovative in all areas of their field of employment
  • Workplace Training, Skill Gap Training and Workplace Assessments
  • Work Experience and Job Placement Program via Host Employers
  • Design and Development of Learning and Development Resources

For more information on our program call +61 3 8640 0915.
We would be happy to assist you with any enquiries.