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About TSP Australia

What We Aim to Achieve

Australia based, global reach

Job settlement services for migrants.

TSP Australia is the best gateway for migrants to access education, skills development and career pathways in Australia. We provide personalized support and services better targeted to the individualized needs of our clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

With our exceptional service model, expertise in providing end-to-end employment services, education consultancy, and outstanding training programs, we are proud to say that our company has been able to establish stability and recognition in different industries across Australia.

TSP Australia works closely with employers and education providers to identify employment opportunities and areas where skills are in demand as well as recognize key education options. Migrants can have greater confidence that their skills and qualifications will match what employers actually need.


TSP is committed to building a vibrant community of professional, highly-skilled, and in-demand workers in Australia to meet the current and future labour market demands.


To solve the issue of finding workers across the world, connecting the best employers with the most qualified employees. We aim to connect Australia to the global workforce.

Aim to Achieve

What We Aim to Achieve

At TSP Australia we are committed to:

Developing and supporting skilled migrants to reach the expectations of Australian communities
Ensuring that all migrants are trained with meeting the demands within a complex working environment
Providing individuals with the assistance needed to fully integrate into the Australian culture
Creating tasks-based development to improve best practice procedures
Providing a platform for individuals to discuss and share common issues related to their specific sectors
Encouraging and assisting with suitable communication techniques
Encourage individuals to be active players in their own development
Embedding a process of continuous learning and development, through a process of engagement, assessment, evaluation, and review
Encouraging innovation, such as a cultural shift in thinking from “training” to “learning” in line with our value of development through learning
Fostering an environment which encourages individuals to stay current and to be innovative in all areas of their field of employment
Workplace Training, Skill Gap Training and Workplace Assessments
Work Experience and Job Placement Program via Host Employers
Design and Development of Learning and Development Resources


Offices Worldwide

TSP Australia has three individual offices worldwide. Visit any of our branches according to your location.


Countries Served

TSP is proudly served 100+ countries already. And we’re working with a vision to serve all 216 countries.


Visa Processed

We do everything that needs to be processed for visa approval within the time frame.


Client Focused

We have a 100% client satisfaction mindset & more no compromise here. We work with all clients on a personalized basis.


Provide tailor-made services
our client demands.

TSP Australia is a premier consultancy firm and a gateway for migrants to access education, skills development and career pathways in Australia. We provide personalised support and services better targeted to the individualised needs of our clients.

Apply Online

You can visit our branches or apply online. We’ll assist you with all the tasks within the time frame.

Direct Interviews

To save you time and make your journey hassle-free, we ensure every migrant goes through direct interviews.

Faster Processing

We go through a well-organized procedure and can process your applications and documents fast.


We are committed to doing everything that needs to be done to save you time and money.

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