It was end of June 2013 when I came across GP Doctors website online. I was a newly Registered Nurse in Australia and I was desperately looking for a job. I have been looking into every opportunity I could to work as an RN. However, being a newbie in Australia and a lot of experienced AU nurses applying at same time it was such a tough competition to get into the healthcare jobs.
Things has started to turn around in my favor when I joined GP Doctors Australia. They were excellent because they really took time to get to know me and put me forward to jobs that suited my skills and personality as a nurse. GP Doctors placed me according to my ability and potential rather than just placing me in similar positions I had held in the past.
It was one the best news ever when I found out I got the job and started my application for working visa! I relocated after a week and started working by the end of July 2013. The location was quite new to me but GP Doctors connected me to helpful people until I got settled. They have been very professional and helped me with the whole process since day one.
From that point onwards, I never looked back. I found true love in my current profession. I have applied for my Australian citizenship and all thanks to that very day I started working with GP Doctors. I have been in contact with GP Doctors on a regular basis. They also regularly call just to catch up and check on how I am getting on.

– Anne 2013

Just like any other overseas nurse, I have struggled to find an employer who would want to sponsor me for a working visa. Here in Australia, many hospitals, medical centers and aged care facilities give priority to Australian permanent residents and Australian citizens for employment.
I am more than glad and grateful that I found GP Doctors Australia. They helped me to land into a job as a registered nurse. After having my AHPRA registration October 2015, I availed the services of the agency and in November of the same year, I received and signed the job offer of my employer. Yes, as quick as that. GP Doctors Australia supports you all the way from interview preparations, job search, and online lectures and exercises on how to sustain your job, and it doesn’t end there. Once you commenced on your job, they still keep in touch by asking feedbacks from you with regards to your experiences at work.
Currently, I am working in a Private Hospital here in New South Wales. My employer and my colleagues have been very supportive to me since day one.
For all those career seekers here in Australia, I highly recommend GP Doctors Australia. They will serve as an exemplary pillar for you to settle on the job of your dreams.”

– Cindy 2015

After I got my registration here as a nurse I did not realize how hard to apply for a work on my own, I tried to pass my credentials to every hospital that is in need of my skills but I have not received any reply from them not until a friend of mine recommended me to TSP, I was sceptical at first but there is no harm in trying as what they say, and yes TSP helped me to get employed and it was very smooth. They guide you through out the process from interviews to employment and now, I am loving my work here as a Med-Surgical nurse. I will be always be thankful and grateful to TSP. It is really indeed “a worth trying for”

– Norman 2019

I never imagined I could be living the life I always dreamed of – stable job as an AURN, complete family, get our residency and living in a quiet neighbourhood with all the necessities available and more.
I first came to Australia on a student visa, working part-time jobs and struggling to make ends meet. On top of that, I had this deep-seated homesickness from being away from my son who was only 4 years old then. Me and my husband worked hard with one goal in mind: become a licensed RN and get our residency so we can be complete again. That time, it seemed forever to get there.
Soon after I got my registration, GP Doctors came to the rescue. I knew I had 1 box ticked off my list, but we had so much more to unlock. Fast forward to now, never in my wildest dreams did I know that we were able to get our PR in just under a year and they took us there, guiding us all throughout the process!
Ms Joanna, Sir Charles, Ms Jackie, Sir Gavin, Ms Leanne, Ms Katherine and the rest of the team were so patient with us and I could not thank the team enough. I honestly thought it will take us 3 years more but here we are, enjoying all the perks of the hard work we invested in from day one.
Again, thank you to GP Doctors for helping us make the dream work!

– Marielle 2021

Thank you, TSP, for helping me abundantly in securing g my nursing career here in Australia! God bless you more!

– Jobie 2018

Truly grateful to TSP for all the help, assistance and support since I started this journey of coming to Australia as a registered nurse. Still overwhelmed but yeah, now me and my family has been here since 1st of April as Permanent Residents thru their employer-sponsorship strategy! All the best and hoping you could help more people achieve their dreams!

– Cathy 2022

I felt very lucky to have the constant support of the GP Doctors team. It has been brilliant to work with them towards achieving my professional goals. These are the people that genuinely wants the candidates to succeed!

– Anna Marie 2020

After finishing my Bridging course April of 2017, I submitted my CV to every hospital and aged care with job vacancies whilst waiting to be invited for Visa189.
But lady luck wasn’t on my side, felt so discouraged of the rejection emails I’ve received. Then my friend told me about GP Doctors who could assist me to look for prospective employers. Mid-January 2018, when am ready to pack my bags and go back home as my visa was about to expire, my friend once again asked me to contact GP doctors, which I did. Then we met up the next day, discussed what they can offer, signed up and after a week, had the job interviews. I was hired in an aged care facility in rural Queensland. Charles and Joanna were so helpful and even assisted with me with my visa lodgement.
Here I am 4 years after, still working with the same employer GP Doctors assisted me with, and now GP Doctors still helping me with my Permanent Residency visa.
Thanks to their team, without them I wouldn’t be in this part of Australia and this aged care facility who accepted and supported me and also employed my husband and sponsored our family to become permanent residents.

– Feviliza 2017

TSP Australia does not only do the job for the sake of money. When engaging with the team members, you can see and feel how dedicated they are in providing assistance to migrants and their families with the job and visa applications, employment induction and they make sure that you are coping well with work and your family is well. They go beyond expectations. Highly recommended

– Mika 2018

It has been a great experience, with TSP and GP Doctors Australia, I was able to be on 457, then 186 through their efforts.

– Reena 2009 AHPRA RN

After 3 years wandering around and spending so much money with other Student Visas after I got my registration, I came to know TSP and GP Doctors from a friend, I commenced with them and in 1 week, I got a high paying RN Job and then got sponsored and got PR in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!

– Rondel 2018 RN

GP Doctors and TSP hooked me up with a great employer and got offered PR Visa after commencing with them for just a week. I have recommended 16 of my friends and they all got the same experience.

– Jalaja 2010 RN

With GPDA, I saved a lot of money, I got offered a Job with sponsorship in 2 days after I have commenced with them.

– Jinu 2021 RN

With TSP and GPDA, I got sponsorship in in 3 months.

– Joseph 2013 RN

Exceptional service because considered my skill set, preferences and personality as a nurse, before they put me forward to interviews.

– Anthony 2012

TSP Australia was able to deliver what they have promised, NO false hopes, NO hidden charges, and was very quick in responding to my calls and emails

– Anumol 2013

I was really happy and satisfied with their quick and reliable service, so I recommended them to my classmates and our whole class ended up engaging with their services.

– Cheryl 2016

Very sustainable and affordable payment scheme. TSP Australia is honest and very capable firm

– Divya 2017

I’m happy with my career as a nurse in the Health care sector in Australia because TSP Australia has not only helped me to get an employment with sponsorship but also continued to provide Post Placement Support when I started working

– Jane 2020

TSP Australia was very proficient in helping me since day one, up until I have commenced work. It has been 4 years and they have never stopped getting in touch

– Jana 2019

Joanna and Leanne from TSP Australia regularly gets in touch to catch up and check on how I am doing with work and makes sure that I have settled in well at work and that my husband and kids have also settled well with their job and school respectively

– Liza 2016

I feel very privileged to have the continuous support of the TSP Australia team (Jackie, Charles, Leanne, Nerrisa, Joanna and the whole team). I engaged with them in 2014 for my work visa, then PR and now I am a proud Australia citizen. It has been a remarkable experience to work with them to attain my long-term career objectives. Are team members genuine and passionate in what they do, and it is what every international jobseeker needs to accomplish to realise their dreams in Australia

– Mila 2014

They were very welcoming with all my queries, doubts and fears regarding employment and sponsorship for me and my whole family. After they have presented the process to me, I felt relived and complacent throughout the process, from job interviews to getting my job offer, then my Direct Entry PR. Very reliable and competent people. They know what they are doing

– Jason 2014

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